Brand Name : Astrocef-200

Composition : Cefixime Dispersible Tablets IP

Packing : 10 x 10 Tablets

Uses :

What is it prescribed for?

Urinary Tract Infection -

An infection in any part of your urinary system- the kidneys, bladder, ureters, or urethra is called urinary tract infections (UTIs). UTIs are the most common infections in humans and woman are at greater risk of getting this infection. UTIs are caused by bacteria and in some cases, viruses or fungi. Astrocef 200 MG Tablet is used to treat urinary tract infections caused by bacteria.

Gonorrhoea -

Gonorrhoea is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) caused by Neisseria gonorrhoea bacteria that infects both men and women. It spreads during vaginal, oral or anal sex without a condom or other barrier method. Astrocef 200 MG Tablet is used to treat the gonococcal infection.

Pharyngitis/Tonsillitis -

Pharyngitis and tonsillitis are infections that cause swelling and soreness in the throat and tonsils. If it is the infection affects both the throat and the tonsils, then it would be called pharyngotonsillitis. Astrocef 200 MG Tablet is used to treat pharyngitis, tonsillitis, and/or pharyngotonsillitis.

Acute bronchitis -

Bronchitis is the swelling and irritation of bronchial tubes that regulates air passage in the lungs. Astrocef 200 MG Tablet is used to treat acute bronchitis caused by bacteria.

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